Castelbel Grapefruit & Orange Bar Soap

Castelbel Grapefruit & Orange Bar Soap

Branding and packaging for a fictional market catering to people with food allergies.

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Silverware Chart.

Antique sterling silverware and flatware - Tell Us What You Have

Best for Every Day

The Best Sunscreens With SPF 30 or Higher

Best for Oily Skin

The Best Facial Moisturizers

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

The Best Facial Moisturizers

3 great books for women entrepreneur

3 Great Books for Women Entrepreneurs - Classy Career Girl

The BEST Mediterranean Tuna Salad with fresh herbs, chopped vegetables and a zesty Dijon vinaigrette! DELICIOUS! Perfect for potlucks, appetizer or even dinner! Just add pita pockets or pita chips and you're good to go!

Mediterranean Tuna Salad with Fresh Herbs a Zesty Dijon Vinaigrette

This Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad recipe is a keeper! Easy, Excellent Salad |

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad -

It's all about the little things. @levo

42 Little Things You Can Do Today to Find Your Passion

7 Weird Tricks for Looking Great in Photos: There's a reason why celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello look amazing in photos. Yes, they're genetically blessed, but they also know some posing tricks that make any picture super flattering. You know who else knows them? The mastermind behind all of Allure's celebrity cover shoots, our creative director Paul Cavaco. We asked him to spill his his secrets and tips, so you, too, can look fantastic in pictures. | @alluremagazine

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….do your thing! Inspirational Quote

~ A Colorful Mind : Photo

What’s currently on your to-do list? A 2012 global survey by professional networking site LinkedIn found that 63 percent of professionals frequently create them. But are we as productive as we are organized? Not exactly. The same survey found that only 11 percent of professionals accomplish every...

How to Make a Better To-Do List

Amanda Patterson

Amanda Patterson

This Starbucks barista. | 38 Individuals Who Took Fail To A Whole New Level ... This makes me laugh so hard!

38 Individuals Who Took Fail To A Whole New Level

5 tips to get out of debt so you can travel more!

5 Tips to Get Out of Debt So You Can Travel More

Must have Travel Apps

12 Apps You've Gotta Have If You're Always Traveling


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#tablescapes Photography: Event Design: Eclatante Event Design -

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 20287

I've known of this website for a while and came across this pin. Hand letting makes anything you write look absolutely lovely.

Hand Lettering Process | hand lettering by seanwes

This passive-aggressive note leaver: | 26 People You Wish Were Your Co-Workers

26 People You Wish Were Your Co-Workers

16 Bookstores You Have To See Before You Die, Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal

16 Bookstores You Have To See Before You Die

Sweetie Pie iPhone Wallpaper from

Inspired Idea: Fall Wallpapers

Thanks to fb and pinterest, I can be totally myself.

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