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Can my dog eat that?

Ever been snacking when your pup walked up, flashed those gorgeous puppy dog eyes and quietly begged for a bite? We're all aware that dogs should never have chocolate. what your dog can, could, and shouldn't ever eat

世界に一か所!ピンクの砂浜が可愛すぎるピンクサンド・ビーチ | marry[マリー]

You are not dreaming. The sand is pinkish and the weekend is coming .

#Christmas #candle #cake #クリスマスケーキ #お誕生日ケーキ #Birthday

#Christmas #candle #cake #クリスマスケーキ #お誕生日ケーキ #Birthday

Masters Showcase - Mary Blair by @redcapcards Red Cap Cards

Mary Blair Exhibit Announced for Spring 2014 in SF. It will be exhibited between March 13 and Sept 2014 APRIL


So love this show, the design (especially the house and the backgrounds) are fantastic. Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends concept art by Carol Design