A few weeks ago, I gave my boys Asher and Zephan a mission to find as many perfect acorns with caps intact as they could possibly find. It gave them something to do and it gave me some beautiful natur

How to Paint Acorns

Another awesome art project to do with kids over break: On your next nature walk, have your little one help gather acorns for mommy's next project! With this simple How to Paint Acorns craft, you can create some stunning fall decor! From J Hunter.

I like this idea - photographing a child in front of a number to show how old they are...

Happy Birthday Mila

find numbers for their birthday pictures! Keeping this in mind :) Law I wish we could find numbers around for Z's yearly photoshoots!

grape, thyme and cheese shaped Christmas tree appetizer add some fresh natural elements to your gift wrapping a sim...

12 easy ideas for Christmas

What a clever idea--- a chair cover converted to a child's play stove!

Great idea chair cover play stove oven kitchen set You could purchase a plain Linen chair cover and add on the details.

ingrid dress. outside oslo tulips. retro 1970. mod vintage inspired style. handmade by little ticket on etsy.

INGRID dress jessica jones outside oslo TULIPS scandinavian retro MOD vintage inspired style handmade by little ticket on etsy

Snow dog.

Greenland Dog "This dog has pulled a sled at least miles, that's more than a lap around the equator. His name is Armstrong.

Forth of July Bunting Cookies by Melissa Joy Cookies

Patriotic Fourth of July Bunting Cookies decorated with red, white, and blue royal icing by Melissa Joy Cookies.


Girl's dress for Christmas, Everyday, Holiday special design! Wool jumper dress for Winter Made to order