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“I haven't finished revisiting Sleeping Beauty. As a faerie tale, that one is rife with inherent difficulties. After all, the world doesn't stop just because one person is asleep.” ~Anna Sheehan, A Long, Long Sleep vintage photography ♡


Japanese Graphic Design / PInk / Advertisement / Japan Poster Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design How would you like your graphic desi.

Pan Am Ticket Jacket - Circa 1960s

Pan American World Airways: Classic PanAm ticket jacket, circa 1960 : I'm sorting though boxes at the moment and found my families Pan America tickets from Amsterdam to New York from 1968 in this exact blue folder!

今日のフライヤー | グラフィックデザイン集

Love the color contrast and the use of smaller and larger text. Also really like the silhouette of a ping pong paddle as an outline for the main text.