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    Gotta love 'em

    31 Snapchats That ALMOST Make High School Look Fun

    I'm pretty sure I have 47 different apps running in my brain's background, sucking all of my battery life, I've had like 6 coffees!!!

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    Pants, ok; bra, maybe; make-up, you're funny

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    Mean Girls.

    Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)


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    Hahahahahahahaha! I laughed way harder than I should have at #3

    20 jokes that are just ok.


    Twitter / ABlakeley: This is my new favourite way ...

    Awkwardly placed stickers.

    Awkwardly Placed Stickers

    Don't use the "Let it snow" wrapping paper, unless you want to be embarrassed as the recipient is Rofl. Or maybe you'll just laugh your butt off, too. #Humor #Holiday

    Definitely not a good idea…

    these are my favorite commercials

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    Make your own Miley Cyrus ornament!!

    This Is The Miley Cyrus Tree Ornament Add-On You Want And Need

    This is hands down the best Jim prank

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    Love this!

    Woody, hang on…

    This gets funnier the longer I look at it.

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    Don't be a psycho.

    Cooking Family and Pets

    Disney funny

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    Best pick-up line ever.

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    Pretty much

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    Funny Pictures - 53 Pics

    Middle School Science Teacher Humor. We get this asked by every student absent! Even is we create, teach, reteach, rereteach our procedures to find out what they missed...

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    Some pretty funny ideas. I like the one about not being able to drink any more alcohol if you cant stick a straw in a Capri Sun pouch... :) - more funny stuff here:

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    Parenting Done Right – 18 Pics- honestly this is how I plan on doing it! Some good ideas.

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    next time I go to the beach, this is happening.

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    If these are tshirts, I want them. Grammar humor for the win. My highschool english teacher would love these XD

    Linguistic humour