Beautiful Dolphin

Beautiful Dolphin – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Tips from the Pros

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Tips from the Pros - My blog

Tutorial using the Collect Photo App- laying out 2 3x4 collect cards on one 4x6 in Photoshop-- aka-- batch processing.

Batch Processing in Photoshop -

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs

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I love the sun rise/sun set.... I wish the sky was more clear lately...I want to watch the sunset with the one I love and talk until it rises

don't call me betty

Perfectly Timed Sunset

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by Rafael Scheidle

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~~Bubblicious | African Daisy with a bubble | by Tim Owens~~


Beautiful owl closeup ✿⊱╮

Photo - the poetry of material things

Colorful passage in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Like, can I go there?

36 Hours: Penang, Malaysia

i f by DmitriySerov/ ♥ Lovely~Madorie Darling ♥

More Than Photography


theperfectworldwelcome: nirvanas-xanadu: Saint... - ckmom42

7 Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorial Sites - InsaneTwist

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How To Set Up Photography Lighting For A Home Studio Ebook

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Frost And Reflections Print By Ari Salmela. #UrbanArtDistrict favorite!

Frost And Reflections Print By Ari Salmela

Coloring naturally ginger hair with a wash of auburn red hair color will add so much drama and shine to long layers.

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I love the few days a year when I wake up to a winter wonderland like this!

Here It Is...Your Winter Survival List!


Studio Photos | Lightfollowers

Karo Tribe, Ethiopia

Karo adornment

Absolutely Stunning Macro Photography by Miron Karlinsky

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Sunrise in the snowy woods by Roberto Melotti

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Hannelore Knuts in Big Sky shot by Miles Aldridge for Dutch magazine, Sept/Oct. 1999

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Winter Bliss of White on White....Beautiful...

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