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There is a Colonial woman on the wing! I saw her! There's something they're not telling us!! AHHAHAHAHAHA

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Fun Things to do with Glow Sticks

Bucket list- This summer I want to do this with my friends at my bday party. Last time it was only lke 3 or 4, now we buy packs and packs of it, now THAT would be an epic party. ‹33

Need to go here: This is a bridge in Paris. You hang locks on it with the name of you & your boyfriend/girlfriend/best-friend then throw the key into the river. So even though the friend/relationship may end, you cannot remove the lock. It stays there forever, as relevance to someone once a part of your life....bucket list!!

I take it back this maybe kinda fun lol make a family game out of it cause Sean's kids have never been there before lmao this is exactly why our country is going to crap, corporate greed and people that just don't know any better than to support them!