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Homemade Twix Bars
TIP FOR KEEPING BERRIES FROM GOING MOLDY!! When you get your berries home, prepare a mixture of one part vinegar (white or apple cider probably work best) and ten parts water.  Dump the berries into the mixture and swirl around. Drain, rinse if you want (though the mixture is so diluted I find you can't taste the vinegar,) and pop in the fridge.    The vinegar kills any mold spores and other bacteria that might be on the surface of the fruit, and voila! Raspberries will last a week or more…
Wedding Mad Libs
Potential school valentine idea?
Bow/Ribbon Holder
inside out carrot cake muffins ... via king arthur flour
Mmmmm(: delish
MEAL PLANNER!...Picture frame, scrapbook paper, dry erase markers.. organization!
Reminds me of some people I know...
How cute is this!!