My teacher showed me this when I was in the 5th grade. Now my eyes are drawn to this figure every time I see a US map!

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Geography, mapping, water & landforms

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Landforms Word Wall Cards! Fun, colorful set of 22 landform word wall cards to help reinforce the concept. Perfect for my Social Studies class!

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Salt dough landforms project! Mix 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt and 3/4 cup water. (Add a little water at a time). This should make a very thick dough. Add more flour if needed. After shaping landforms, allow to dry for a day or two before painting.

Landforms & Map Skills Unit for Grades 1-3!

Teaching landforms

The Blog: Teaching Landforms

Landform Dinosaur

Mrs. Castro's Class: Landform Dinosaur - Pinterest strikes again!

The Continents Cut and Paste (C2, W1)

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Labeling Continents and Oceans Worksheet (C2, W1)


Labeling latitude and longitude in your room for an easy visual. (Picture only)

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I couldn't believe how many cool games there are to teach history and geography! 12 Learning Games that teach US History, World History and Geography! #ebayguides #sponsored

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Worksheets: Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Longitude

Build a 3D model from a topographic map using fun foam or cardboard.

Topographic Maps: Constructing a 3D Model

Lava cup. For a lesson on landforms. Also has tons of other science and math activities.

Teaching My Friends!

FREE Maps and Globes - A Printable Book for Introducing Map Skills

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Mapping activity - teaching about coordinates, longitude, latitude, etc.- They use ribbon for the equator and prime meridian!

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Longitude and Latitude lesson idea

Port To Port: A Ship's Journey Curriculum

Landforms and Bodies of Water

Landforms and Bodies of Water FREEBIE!

Longitude and Latitude Printable Worksheet | Printable latitude and longitude maps worksheets - Mena Fire ...

Maps and Globes - A Printable Book for Introducing Map Skills

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THE WORLD - A GLOBE CRAFTIVITY FOR SOCIAL STUDIES - a fun way to study the continents and major water bodies $

The World - A Globe Craftivity for Social Studies

8 Must-try Online Geography Games for Middle School @Education Possible Let your teen learn geography in a fun and interesting way - with technology.

8 Must-Try Online Geography Games for Middle School

Continents and Oceans - Free, Printable Geography Worksheets

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find the oceans and continents page Liam geography

Welcome to Dover Publications

Hands on geography!! The teacher is reviewing latitude, longitude, hemispheres, continent and ocean names and cardinal/intermediate directions. Students use yarn for the Prime Meridian and Equator, and index cards with the names for the oceans. Then the class uses unifix cubes to mark all the spots they are responsible for being able to locate.

Third Grade Thinkers: Where in the World?

Longitude and Latitude. 5th grade Science journaling

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