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    Teaching Plate Tectonics

    Teaching Plate Tectonics Ideas. Going for great active learning teaching ideas!

    Teaching Plate Tectonics

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    Plate Tectonics Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer

    Plate Tectonics Powerpoint Show and Graphic Organizer

    example of tectonic plate movement.

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    Shows what happens inside the earth that causes the plates to move and produce things like volcanos.

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    This cootie catcher helps to review material from the Virginia Department of Education essential knowledge for fifth grade science....

    Landforms Cootie Catcher

    Earth Science for Interactive Notebooks - Convergent, Divergent, and Transform plate boundaries

    Earth Science for Interactive Notebooks

    Plate Tectonics Foldable

    DIY: Plate Tectonics Cards

    Seismic Waves and the Interior of the Earth Video

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    paper and a tube to show mid ocean ridge and seafloor spreading

    Seafloor Spreading Model |

    Teaching Plate Tectonics by MJ Krech

    Marcia's Store

    Use these images to make a 3-flap foldable!

    Tectonic Plates boundaries - main boundary types

    Plate Tectonics With Play Dough - Blog post about using play dough in a plate tectonics unit.

    Addie Education - Teacher Talk: Plate Tectonic Play Dough

    CANDY BAR PLATE TECTONICS - Snickers or Milky Way candy bars work best. Sample lesson idea in link but modify to fit your lesson plan. Link also contains a short Bill Nye video.

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    Cool Whip Plate Tectonics Lab helps the students tangibly work with the movements of plate tectonics to understand how continents and landforms are formed.

    Teach Bake Love: Cool Whip Plate Tectonics Lab

    Earth Science Unit: graham crackers, icing, and a little bit of jello; "When two plates separate, there is a weakness in the Earth's crust. Hot magma from the Earth's mantle may come up between the plates. As the liquid magma cools, it adds new crust to the plates." (pg. 32, Earth Shaking Science Projects About Planet Earth)

    The Homeschool Den: Earth Science Unit

    Earth's Layers Foldable

    plate tectonics | Science with Mrs. Barton

    A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains. So many other engaging (and easy to replicate) Earth science activities on her site!

    The Homeschool Den: Earth Science Unit

    Earth Model Project: Love this idea for teaching the layers of the earth. Will have to remember for the Geology book.

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    Layers of Earth's Interior foldable for a middle school interactive science journal unit on Earth Science

    Layers of Earth's Interior

    Free printable: Parts of the Earth Circles for Earth Science

    Parts of the Earth Circles for Earth Science

    A great science journal activity that will provide some work for the students' hands and also their minds! Colorful and fun, students and use this to study the Earth's Layers.

    Science Journal: Earth's Layers

    Oreo Plate Tectonics - Using Oreos to teach science - I probably would have been better at science and math if Oreos had been involved.

    All Things Beautiful: Oreo Plate Tectonics

    Layers of the Earth activities--Week 7

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    Fun way to teach plate tectonics

    Geology 529: I Get This Now

    Science Fair: Exploring the Movement of Tectonic Plates with S'Mores. My Secondary kids would ~love~ this. Sadly, they won't get to eat it...

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    ♥ Earth layers -

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