Teaching the Metric System

Teaching the Metric System Ideas. Going for great active learning teaching ideas!

Teaching the Metric System

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Teaching the Metric System by MJ Krech

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Duh! Why haven't I done this before? Kids need to see before they remember. LL

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: A Peek at My Week + Skittles!


Here's a nice foldable on the metric system. Includes measurement information related to science.

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  • Nancy Terry
    Nancy Terry

    You totally rock! Thank you!

Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas

Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas


Ginger Snaps: Units of Length Scavenger Hunts

Ginger Snaps: Units of Length Scavenger Hunts


Teaching the Metric System by MJ Krech mjksciteachingide...

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Measurement and Math Notebook ideas

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Math Notebooks REVISITED!!


coordinate graphing with nerf guns ... oh my goodness - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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  • Anna Cottrell
    Anna Cottrell

    I really love this! WOw! I think my students in Korea will enjoy it as well

The Weight Is Right! A Measurement Game (Great Whole-Class Activity!)

Teachers Notebook


This is a very simple lab activity for students who are just beginning to study the metric system and are learning to use lab equipment. This activity involves only the metric units of volume and temperature. Students will answer questions about a graduated cylinder and a thermometer. Students will measure the volume of several items. Follow up questions involve metric to metric conversions and metric to English conversions. Students will use dimensional analysis.

Lab: Making Metric Measurements - Volume and Temperature


Free Math Olympics Unit. Perfect for a measurement unit.

Classroom Magic: Math Olympics


Measurement Unit

Runde's Room: The Queen of Measurement


Great idea for Christmas measurement/estimation activity

Aloha Kindergarten!: Freebie


The outside of the King Henry.

Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays

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    InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    love this one

Nice King Henry "Foldable!"

Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays

  • April Lyons
    April Lyons

    Aren't the numbers backwards? kilo- means 1,000; milli- means 0.001.

  • Anne Merria Goodwin
    Anne Merria Goodwin

    We use the phrase, King Henry died unexpectedly drinking chocolate milk. Yes, they are backwards if you are representing what each prefix means. If they were thinking in terms of a meter stick, then no. For example, a meter stick has 1,000 mm. Not sure why you would do it that way. Good eye April!

  • April Lyons
    April Lyons

    We use "King Henry Died By (base unit) drinking chocolate milk. I was beginning to wonder if I was wrong!

Students measure and record their findings.

Measuring Length Project


Fun measuring activity with easily recognizable results!

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Smartboard Activity on the Metric System

My Smartboard Activity on the Metric System


Easy peasy-lemon squeezy. NOT! It WOULD be easy if we ONLY used the Metric System and didn't use the English system in our science classrooms!

The Metric System


Good suggestions for using the metric system in your science classroom

How to Use the Metric System for the Fifth Grade | eHow

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    Yes, Trying to find hands on activities for Metric Week for grades CD-6th.

Teaching the Metric System from Marcia Krech. Several great active learning teaching ideas!

Teaching the Metric System