Eiffel Tower, Paris / Photo by Trey Ratcliff / Stuck In Customs. I love the reflection.

The Crooked House of Windsor - Oldest Tea House in England. Astrogeo pos: I expected it to be in Virgo but it`s in the 2nd Mercury sign: Gemini sign of practical solutions and spiritual entities of nature such as imps, goblins, kobolds and indicator for the green colour of the facade. 2nd coordinate in highly dynamic, alert fire sign aries sign of one-dimensional, unicellular beings and single persons. Compare the Crooked Hous in Sopot in Aries with Virgo…

The Crooked House of Windsor - The Oldest Teahouse in England - This is wonderful, isn't it? It is a free-standing building too. (Content in a Cottage) I grew up in a crooked house in Windsor, CA!

Bigar Waterfall, Caras Severin, Romania

Bigar Cascade Falls situated in Caras-Severin, Romania. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this country, very unique on the way the water is spread and fall, in thiny shred of water. The waterfall is exactly on 45 Paralel which is unique again.

“Swallow’s Nest” is a castle, built in the late XIX century near Yalta, in the South of Crimea.

Swallow’s Nest Castle, Crimea, Ukraine. My family is from the Ukraine. Would love to visit.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

The Cook Islands: Tahiti Without the French

stockholm corner

Funny pictures about Night in Stockholm. Oh, and cool pics about Night in Stockholm. Also, Night in Stockholm.

Amazing Places to See originally shared this post:  The Island | Huvafen Fushi, Maldives  You can distinguish shallow water from deep.  The view is stunning...    More photos from Amazing Places to See

Amazing Places to See originally shared this post: The Island

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