I am woman, hear me roar! Bruce Holwerda

Bruce Holwerda’s Daybreak This just looks like utter freedom. Like she finally jumped. Deliberate, not reckless abandon.

The Black Keys are insanely talented. Nuff said.

The Black Keys - 'It's ridiculous to say that we play the blues'

Tame Impala

Tame impala poster by High Duke Design. vintage illustration graphic design old fashioned music

Kii Arens Pope Francis, Alabama Shakes and More New Posters

Alabama Shakes - Marymoor Park, WA Gig Poster Marymoor Park Artwork by Kii Arens x Fluorescent Lithograph

Little girl with her dad's shoes on.

A young girl pushes her toy pram while wearing Dad's huge shoes - Shirley Baker, photographer

9 Amazing Infographics For Guitar Freaks

From beginners to seasoned pros, there& an infographic for every guitar level of skill – including air guitar. Even if you don& play, they& still cool to look at.

"The harder I work the luckier I am." "More luck takes more chances, be more active show up more often." "Success in life is not about luck! It is about managed thoughts, focused attention and deliberate action." "Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet."

Debby Hymowitz Photography showcases a number of the artist's travel portfolios from Paris, St.

Heart Tones Guitar Plectrums

Heart Tones Guitar Picks / Plectrums In A Gift Tin