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    Seduction- Journey of the Page 2

    The inspiration and visualizations for my novel SEDUCTION, a novel of suspense.

    Seduction- Journey of the Page 2

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    Autochrome Portrait of Hugo's wife

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    Coming March 4th in trade paperback - perfect for book clubs - plus I will Skype with book clubs - just email me at MJRoseauthor at

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    Hugo Cafe in Dubai, a Victor Hugo-themed eatery.

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    A fun article in Fodor's about Victor Hugo's Jersey - a look at what he saw when he lived there.

    Discovering Victor Hugo's Isle of Jersey

    Victor Hugo by Rodin

    File:Victor Hugo Rodin Vianden.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

    VIctor Hugo by Rodin

    A normann szigettenger geológiája

    victor hugos grave

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    One of Victor Hugo's own drawings.

    The Maiden's Court: Guest Post by M. J. Rose–Seduction

    "Seduction by M.J. Rose interlaces the tale of a bereft Victor Hugo, mourning the loss of his daughter over 150 years ago, with the present day chronicles of Jac L'Etoile, caught up in an ancient Druid mystery that is affecting the lives of everyone around her. Intriguing, absorbing, and utterly captivating, Seduction will leave you begging for a sequel." —Books & Books You can find links to buy it and read more here -

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    • Debora Bazzelle
      Debora Bazzelle


    This is the inside of La Hougue Bie the passage grave where ancient Celts worshipped. And sacrificed...

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      Elizabeth Ward

      Amazing - I can't wait for Seduction (which of course I've pre-ordered!!!!).

    • April Lackey
      April Lackey

      7/16/2015: I'm just beginning to read ur publications & I'm so OCD that when it comes to authors (it doesn't matter if it's a series or just a list of stand alone titles) I HAVE to read them in chronological order. Guess I'm just weird like that. Can't wait to get started!!

    La Hougue Bie The site features one of Europes finest passage graves where you can learn about life in Jerseys Neolithic community 6,000 years ago. A medieval chapel sits on top of the prehistoric mound and dolmen dominating this tranquil and spiritual site. Unlike many other dolmens you can stand inside the chamber of the passage grave. Did Victor Hugo meet the Shadow here?

    La Hougue Bie Museum - Places to Visit - Jersey Heritage

    Ville ès Nouaux - a gallery grave.

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    Faldouet Dolmen - It is likely that the horseshoe chamber was the original passage grave whose passage was dug out to make way for a second passage grave.

    Faldouet Dolmen

    Dehus dolmen - hosts a sepulchre that dates back to 2,000 years B.C. One of the stones his engraved with a pattern that represents the silhouette of a bearded man. A mortal or a deity?

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    The dolmens range over a wide period, from around 4800 BC to 2250 BC. This is thought to be the entrance to a place of worship.

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    One of the neolithic monuments on Jersey that Hugo would have certainly walked by on his daily constitutionals.

    Ogham Stone, Banada village, Co Sligo, Ireland. Stock Photo.

    "Mysterious, haunting, and tragic, Seduction emerges as a suspenseful alchemy of potent ingredients, beautifully blended, that ignites your senses and leaves you aching for more." —Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

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    Hugo with his grandchildren...from what I read he was a wonderful grandfather and was loved by them. Sadly he outlived all of his own children.

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    The man could turn a phase couldn't he?

    Handmade Artists' Shop (HAFshop) Buy Directly from the Artist

    Love it being in a library!

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    One of my favorite Victor Hugo quotes.

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    This could be yours! You can win the necklace on the cover of Seduction. Just pre-order the hardcover now and email me at mailto:MJRoseWrit... before May 6th. You can find pre-order links right here! Hope you win!!! The book is 44% off right now by the way!

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    • Bekki Shanklin
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      dang, more w the hardcover.. come on, love.. give us kindle adorers a gift too!!!! SEDUCTION, coming May 7th - everyone who pre-orders the hardcover before May 5th and sends a copy of the receipt to mailto:MJRoseWrit... will win a special personalized hand signed manuscript page from the author - and be entered to win a copy of the Fantine Necklace pictured on the cover!

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    Jersey Channel Island

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    This bracelet belonged to Leopoldine Hugo, Victor Hugo’s oldest daughter. It consists of six medallions decorated with strands of hair belonging to Charles Hugo, Adèle Hugo, Victor Hugo, François-Victor Hugo and Charles Vacquerie (Her husband who drowned along side her in the Seine, as well as the brother of Auguste Vacquerie, a very close friend of Victor Hugo.)

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