Matsumoto Kodai

Matsumoto Kodai

Matsumoto Kodai
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Heliocell IAAC Summer Workshop

IAAC Global Summer school ended last week. 15 students of different nationalities, participated in this edition of IAAC Summer School : SMARTitSELF. After 2 weeks of intense workshop, with experimentation on prototypes among others, the.

IAAC: Heliocell

IAAC: Heliocell by students of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (o Heliocell is a solar Pavilion that transforms its structure depending on solar developments, drawing maximum advantage thanks to solar panels embedded in the membrane

collapsible shell

Branded Logo tents for your events, corporate events, event productions.

Futuristic. Nomadic. Sophisticated cool. Bound for a movie set or something…

Bound for a movie set or something. IMHO, anyway. Portable geodesic shelter might make a great eco-village of sustainable tiny homes.

Zendome: Unique Structure For Your Yard Or Weekend Getaway Spot

Able to enclose spaces ranging from 20 to square meters, the Zendome geodesic domes were designed for commercial use--information stands, pop-up stores, etc--however, their unique design can be utilized to accent your home's yard space or provide a