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A handmade look now trendy enough of mass-marketing and mass production, which misses the point of DIY.


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Krochet Kids Int'l: sustainable economic development via crochet

Lantern Moon: sustainable practices and fair wages

Jesse Anne O blog post: How "Handmade" is Etsy "Handmade"? "...handmade doesn't say that the people making the item by hand are guaranteed decent labor standards - although it's often implied."

Omg! Heart blog post Mass Market vs. Handmade + Crochet

Ervin Somogyi: Articles: Some Thoughts on the Differences Between Handmade and Factory Made Guitars

Scoutie Girl blog post by Tara Gentile | follow-up: "buy handmade" doesn't work

Scoutie Girl post by Tara Gentile "On Factories: why respect is more important than craft"

Scoutie Girl blog post: "buy handmade" doesn't work

Threshold™ Knit Pot Holder Set $9.99. If this is handknit, who knit it? What did they get paid?

dining, ways to shop home, home : Target

All That Authenticity May Be Getting Old - “It’s smart on their part,” she said, referring to the retailers. “They’re trying to let people have that folk-artsy look, but from a place in your local mall, where you can get it.”

Pigeon Toe blog post - "hand made raw edge" on a machine made piece for a trendy look

We've gone from dissing things that look handmade to having it become a trend worth mass-production and mass-marketing, apparently. Gift Idea: A Sweater for your Tea Kettle Right?... - Target - On The Dot