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Chewels Gum - Oh I LOOOVED this gum!! Brand: Chewels Launched: Early '80s What Made It Great: It was liquid-filled. This soft, square gum with an extra squirt in the center claimed it was "so full of flavor, you'll forget it's sugarless!" Fun fact: Chewels was the first commercial to air on MTV when the music video network launched in 1981.

Forgotten Candy We Miss

The quote is, "Denim style icons: Bananarama. These girls made customised denim fashionable in the 80s. Would you wear it now? We spot a Boy London tee." My answer is, "Perhaps not the torn jeans with the parachute something braces, but generally YES." I love these girls' style and their attitude. Laid back, cool and fun.

Denim style icons: Bananarama

Doritos- 80's style bag. Wow! This reminds me of watching Disney on TV Sunday evenings with my dad when I was very young ~ we'd eat Doritos while we watched.

Loved going to the store at the mall and picking out my twister beads!!!!

Vintage Books, Choose Your Own Adventure 1980s. I read mine til I knew what page to visit to avoid the shark, plane crash, etc.

summer in the eighties...OMG, I forgot all about these!!!

darling petunia: Summer Sandal Memories

In 1978, this was the shoe.

writing your thank-you notes on Vintage Hallmark Postalettes

Remember glass soda bottles with styrofoam labels? I used to rip them off in rings and stuff them inside the bottle before I tossed it..

1980's Coca Cola bottle 16 Oz. Full styrofoam label (07/13/2009)


Strolling Bowling 1976 by Tomy


1980's friendship pins!

Fourth Grade Nothing: Rockin' Early 1980s Accessories

Little Twin Stars #1980's

i loved these!

My cousin's grandmother sold Avon and we always had these little tiny tubes of lipstick!

Weaving ribbon barrettes

Kids Home Made Arts and Crafts by Pink and Geen Mama

Who remembers these? How times have changed....

If you know what this is, you’re an old gamer

These were on every playground

Remember these?

Christina Rose’s Candles and Scents | Br'er Abbot's Briarpatch

Apple Print Shop banners everywhere Had to tear off miles of those little edges with the holes in them.

Still have mine!!!

Fever always called for these still remember the taste!


Gotta love Barbie shoes!!!

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