Coconut Oil Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

DIY Coconut Oil Sunscreen Recipe ~ Most commercial sunscreens contain toxic ingredients and endocrine disrupting chemicals. In fact, in the years since sunscreen use began skin cancer rates have actually risen.

Homemade curlers! No hard plastic to sleep on! Even add rice in and microwave before use and they could be heated rollers!! Superb!!!

DIY - Hair curlers sewing tutorial - No hard plastic to sleep on - Add rice instead, microwave before use, and they become heated rollers!

Great blog for little girl hairdo's!

Several cute hair dos for little girls, I love this one. I am a lil girl at heart.

The hair is a girl's crowning glory. Check out these awesome hairstyles for your daughter! #hairdo #braids

20 Pretty Hairstyles for your Little Girl

20 Pretty Hair Styles for Your Little Girl - Hairstyle

Hair Bow

How To: Hair Bow

Half up-do Hair Bow Tutorial! So cute!

A bunch of great hair tutorials.

Eisy Morgan: The Ponytail Trick Video Tutorial. How to make your ponytail look longer.

Hair do's with video tutorials

cute hair ideas for the girls How do i get my hair to look like THIS! chignon hairstyles for little girls dessert table

bow tutorial

Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn: Piggy Bows

*15 Hairstyles for your busy toddler*  RAISE your hand if you have a little toddler with CRAZY hair!  *Raises hand*

its time for me to get serious about actually doing miriams hair, which is not much like mine. gotta learn how to do it so she doesn't look like a ragamuffin everyday of her life. Simply Sadie Jane: 15 HAIRSTYLES FOR YOUR BUSY TODDLER!

crown braid. milkmaid braid.

Braided Crown from Cute Girls Hairstyles


Upside down lattice ponytails. cute idea for the little girls in my life.

Pinterest hairstyle how to, fishtail braid bow

Fishtail Braid Bow Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

Hairstyles for girls, cute hairstyles & tutorials for waterfall braids, fishtail braids, how to french braid, dutch braid & prom hairstyles.

Braid Flower

love the braid. fishtail how to bridal hairstyling Hair Today: Braids

Blog on little girls hair styles

Hair Today: Skip a Beat Braid

cute idea for little girl hair!

Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn: Braids Finishing Touches

braid a ribbon into hair

Start with a low ponytail to the side. Place a length of ribbon in the elastic. Section the ponytail into three sections. Leaving the top pa.