Marcela Aghová

Marcela Aghová

Marcela Aghová
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Wake-up Workout. it's so hard for me to wake up and work out sooo early. i tried videos, just cant get the time to finish them! gonna try this next week. (daily work out)

Good to know!

Portion-control plates: I literally help my dinner plate as shown. Once you put the proper portions on the plate, you can just enjoy eating instead of trying to curb yourself in the act.

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Fat Loss, Diet

BodyRockTv As Requested my shopping list, diet & portion sizes - Fat Loss, Diet & Portion Sizes

Thin thighs 5moves

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Slim Tip: 5 Ways to Think Yourself Thinner

Slim Tip: 5 Ways to Think Yourself Thinner. Cleanse nourish your body from the inside out with a SkinnyMe TEATOX™ - lose weight discover a healthier you today at -skinnymetea.

Stretch 2

Stretch 2