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My Silver Spring

My Silver Spring

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If I could get married again and have a summer wedding... this would be the decor inspiration. privet berry, kumquat & ranunculus

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We need more women like Sister Simone Campbell in the Catholic faith. Or just in the world, period :) | Via CNN: With DNC speech, nun's celebrity rises

Friendly reminder. ;)

Resources for fav House Beautiful house.

Good interval running article | Women's Health Magazine

Good reminder about mental health.

Research shows that working flexibly is a career killer whatever your gender, but women, especially mothers, who are more likely to take advantage of flexible options, face a double penalty: one for working flexibly; another simply for being a mother. Both translate in to dead ends and reduced pay.



Andy Warhol



It's so hard to do this sometimes. What a good reminder.

This is cheesey, but I like it.

story of my life

If you think of our DNA as an immense piano keyboard and our genes as keys—each key symbolizing a segment of DNA responsible for a particular note, or trait, and all the keys combining to make us who we are—then epigenetic processes determine when and how each key can be struck, changing the tune being played.

The idea of single-family houses on private lots reachable only by car has been broken, and this new reality has hit especially hard in suburbs. It is here, rather than in the next ring of potential sprawl, where architects, landscape designers, artists, ecologists, and elected officials need to rethink reshaping urban America for the coming decades.

"How to Talk to Little Girls". I hope I can remember this.

Rachel McAdams

Conflicts in being a female singer songwriter.

So important to me.

Black female singer songwriters.

Black Women Songwriters : Song Writing

Similar to MRC in UK.

Remember to watch this.

Good tips for first home decorating.