Milla Confession- Childhood mischiefs are usually cute, and almost always forgivable. This interesting concept of connecting childhood confessions and Milk is clever, cute and lets face it, you know you want to read more.

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration

"Stay Gold" by Dan Mumford

Os Gémeos in Lisbon

Os Gemeos Blu street art in Lisbon< Portugal.


Totally digging this package design and hand lettering for Flour Pot Bakery (designed by Sara Nicely ).


Cold brew coffee by Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Street Art

Celebrated pieces by ARYZ one of the worlds great urban artists // See more graffiti art, street art, wall murals & urban art online on Mr Pilgrim

Conto Figueira

Shirt packaging for Conto Figueira, designed by Brazilian graphic design company Moio Coletivo.


Northern United Brewing Company a favored from xmas 2014 IPA multi pack that I put together.

Designer: Eric Kass -

The Photogenic Lab business card - Eric Kass


I picked this mainly for the font.but it might also be nice to have these cards to hand out when necessary

Chocolate moustache lollipops-Bigotes de chocolate

A mustache chocolate :-{

business cards

Logo and white foil debossed business card for Madeleine Blanchfield Architects designed by A Friend Of Mine.


The Gift of Moonshine...

moonshine in a jar an east hampton essential.good on ice cream and in coffee:)

Crown Maple Syrup

Crown Maple Syrup packaging design by Studio MPLS

The Coffee Shop

Branding & Retail Packaging by designer Alex Westgate for the Coiffee Shop, a Toronto based Cafe & Barber Shop /