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March 1968 - Memphis, Tennessee: National guardsmen brandishing bayonets block civil rights activists trying to stage a protest on Beale Street. The marching demonstrators, wearing signs which read 'I Am A Man', were also flanked by tanks.

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Thanks Jesus! Yes you should because Jesus, Angel, Conception are grateful to have a job any job just to take care of their family. I come from the RGV and know first hand how much the Hispanic culture sacrifices for the American dream.

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My Christmas Wish is "People with power get some "good sense" and People with "good sense" get some power!! It's just way too many Crazy, Stupid, Greedy, Hateful people running this country and too many Crazy, Stupid, Hateful people that listen to "Them".

Wildflowers Arrangement Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Leonid Afremov

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