Renata Grzybowska

Renata Grzybowska

Renata Grzybowska
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25 fun & flirty nail trends to try: Put tape over a strip of your nail, and then paint over it! perfect stripes!

Not this color but otherwise cute! (paint nails with sparkly pink color, let dry, cover diagonal section with tape strip, paint with taupe color, let dry and remove tape? I'm guessing that's close to how this was done. Couldn't find how-to.

Refashioned sweater. The body becomes the skirt and the sleeves become leg warmers. I LOVE this!

old sweater put to good use! the skirt is half of it and the sleeves of the sweater are the leg warmers! (Like the skirt idea, but not crazy about the leg warmers.


Still one of my favorite brides I've dolled up her skin is ❤️ sculpting kit to contour & highlight