In the summer, I spend a huge chunk of my time on school stuff. I read educational books that interest me, work a LOT on Teachers Pay Teachers products for my classroom and store, and do a few Pinter

What Stuck With You? (Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits)

New Job Gift in a Chalkboard Jar #GearLove #ad

Craft: New Job Gift in a Chalkboard Jar

Makes them accountable for leaving cap off, writing too hard, losing, etc...LOVE this!! So need to do this next year.

At the beginning of the year, label a marker for each student. This will help keep students from arguing over markers and keep them accountable for if they lose one.

12 Glorious Ways To Organize Classroom Supplies

12 Glorious Ways To Organize Classroom Supplies

DIY back to school Mason Jar "Gift-ables". Organize classroom supplies in a beautiful, easy-to-see way. Neat teacher gift idea too!

Leave students a new note every morning. Something to encourage them and get them ready for the day!

30+ Ways to Feel Prepared in the Classroom (Plus Free Printable

Desk Towers: Love this idea, except I would use three desks on each on the non-drawer sides.

How Desk Towers Saved My Sanity. Classroom Design and Set-Up. Although I would slightly alter this layout, I love the idea of having drawers to keep supplies.

iTeach Fifth: 5th Grade Teaching Resources: Interactive Venn Diagrams

Interactive Venn Diagrams: Keeps students engaged, allows for collaboration, and helps students build mental maps to better understand concepts. A great learning strategy for any content area or grade level! Suddenly I need hula hoops!

Awesome Classroom Ideas! | Squarehead Teachers

Make and put on the door - Teach-A-Roo: Ticket Out the Door! This can be used as an exit ticket. You could put critical thinking or math on the door. This gives the students something to do when waiting at the door.

This board inspired by :

Teacher Gift Tags + Free All About Me Printable Book – UPDATED

Hope you have a smooth year! Gift tags to attach to a bottle of lotion and give to teachers on the first day of school! Quick and easy - print and