Vintage Toy from Fisher Price

I am turning mine into a cellphone dock! childhood Fisher Price School Days Desk: Just looking at the picture, I shiver because I remember how it felt to scratch my nails on the chalkboard.

We all had this set...

These dainty gold ball stud earrings for children shine pretty in yellow gold. These gold stud kids earrings in the gold bead size to bead sizes are perfect for her first pair. Cute and classy, gold jewelry for children makes an id

Avon perfume pins

Avon perfume pins totally forgot about these! But now that I see them.I still remember.

The white huaraches - omg these were so popular back in the 80's

The white huaraches - omg these were so popular back in the I had several pairs in different colors! These were my favorite shoes when I was a teenager! I wish that they would come back into style!

It's the New Zoo Revue...coming right at you !

Henrietta Hippo, Charlie the Owl, and Freddie the Frog! :-) It's The New Zoo Revue :) comin right at you, w/ Doug & Emmy Jo every days a different show lol!

garbage candy

garbage candy LOVED the garbage can. I can remember eating this like it was yesterday. Miss these wish they would still sell them!

had this exact one. so cool.

Retro Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio WITH Ace of Base cassette tape. So much win!


The Fisher Price Family Farm! My very favorite toy of all time. I loved to open the door and hear the cow moo!