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Harry Potter will always live in our hearts

platform 9 3/4

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Ron ♥

Harry Potter quotes

At times I forget how much you've grown. At times I still see the small boy from the cupboard- Dumbledore


Love is the most powerful tool you have. | 13 Lessons About Social Justice From “Harry Potter”

13 Lessons About Social Justice From "Harry Potter"


Life happens. Go with it. Hagrid quote

Charming Harry Potter Valentines

I didn't choose this because of #HarryPotter. Truth is, I've never read them. I just liked the quote.

JK Rowling horcruxes

"The stories we love best live in us forever." J.K. Rowling Thanks JK Rowling for the wonderful family memories we built reading your books!


Harry Potter || No Bravery

The perfect Harry Potter.


And to you, if you've stuck with Harry til the end.

HAHAHA Never thought of the time turner. wow BUT in jo's defense, harry would have had to re-live his whole life. to get back to the present. and it would have messed up time and all this stuff. idk it makes sense in my head. think about it, everything from the time turner in book 3 made sense, but how could they have made sense of harry living with his aunt and uncle if his parents survived?

Alison De Less