A whole website created for road trips.  You can enter your destination and city you are leaving from and find all kinds of stuff along the way.

A Map of United States of America

A whole website created for road trips. Plan a trip, find things to do along your route, etc. Road trip with Heather? How could things go wrong?

Beautiful Plaza De España, Sevilla Spain

The Plaza de España, in Seville (Spain) is a huge beautiful square built in It stands out thanks to its greatness, its neo-Mudejar style and its curious decoration of ceramics. Its tiled benches represent every province of Spain.

Camels in Broome, Australia by Shahar Keren

Australia Travel Inspiration - Sunset, Cable Beach, Australia - Cable Beach is a 22 kilometres stretch of beach near Broome, Western Australia. Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in

Where To Go & When - Traveling in Europe by Season

Europe by Season: Where to Go & When

Where To Go in Europe by Season - the best places to go in Europe depending on which season you will be visiting during.

Eiffel tower at Christmas

Eiffel Tower Decorated for Chinese New Year Paris France. AHH a definite addition to my bucket list.

10 Amazing One Week European Itineraries - The Overseas EscapeThe Overseas Escape

10 Amazing One Week European Itineraries

10 Amazing One Week European Itineraries. Not sure where to go with just one week in Europe? These one-week European itineraries will tell you exactly where to go and what to do.

The Czech Republic - Prague

I love Prague.don't love the food as much.but love Prague. The Czech Republic - Prague: Evening Pastels (by John & Tina Reid)

'15 Dreamy AirBnb's in Europe under $100 with a View'

15 Dreamy AirBnb's in Europe (under $100 with a View