watercolor chevron (easy diy: tape out or white crayon the pattern for the negative space, then paint with watercolors)


This is a picture of pink flowers. Flowers bring color and beauty to this world. Being around flowers can make the world a brighter day and you are able to easily see them so you are able to spot out the better things in life rather than the negative.

these colors match the guest bed bedding- Mercury Pink Orange Ikat Fabric

Circular Motion Art Print

Paisley pattern

Svenskarna älskar tapeter!


Nepali design, but very African looking! Tribal Diamond by Diane Von Furstenberg Nepalese Rug, 100 knot, Tibetan Wool

Jane Churchill fabric

ikat herringbone- {jane churchill fabric via ish & chi} color inspiration

Been looking for the perfect piece of abstract art to hang with the rest of your collection? Add this colorful Art Print by Melanie Mikecz to your cart and get ready to Check Mark that off your list! With shades to match any other room decor, this wall ar