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Shades of Teal, Cream and Grey.

Bags be gone! These dry storage drawers beautifully organize pantry goods such as bread, garlic and the island for easy access when cooking.

I've been hoping for a compass tattoo for years. Hopefully soon so Krys can stop hearing about plans for it :)


  • Karen Berger

    beautiful! and i think you would look beautiful in it too. very good style for you :)

What do you think? Are you inspired by this mom pic or put off?

  • Anna Dawe

    The excuse could simply be infertility !I find offending that there are women out there struggling to have a baby, while other women don't want babies just to stay in shape !

  • Erin Reagan

    I think the tag line is to get people talking, which we are.

  • Vivian Arroyo

    I don't have kids and I work at a gym and I'm not healthy. My excuse is that I'm lazy and I like to sleep and watch Netflix.

  • Arin Seventwentyone

    i'm not inspired or put off. i'm more weirded out that people made such a fuss about it. what next? the "just do it" nike slogan is offensive to the lazy or contrary? get over it people! be happy for her and go on about your own business.

  • Three Little Pumpkins

    Don't worry I think most of us would have just rolled our eyes and moved on. After all this type of advertising has been used for years. The only reason why a fuss or discussion was made was bc we were asked our opinion. Other wise this sort of thing is not worth my time. But it is interesting to see how others view things. Like I would never have thought that someone might view this as - I still have my body after three kids. So what's your excuse for not having kids- interesting.

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April Fools dessert! Brownies shaped like cat poo in a "litter box" of crushed nuts! LOVE IT!!!

The only honest sports shirt I could wear.