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Bitch Please......"Quotes"/Sayings

Bitch Please......"Quotes"/Sayings

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Being nice to someone you have an issue with doesn't mean you are means someone taught you how to be polite.

Yep. Bam..

  • Cherice Culbreth
    Cherice Culbreth

    all the tym

  • Xena Rodriguez
    Xena Rodriguez

    yea and then i have to delete them becuz their irritating

  • Moses Ukpong
    Moses Ukpong


  • Lonna Bremer
    Lonna Bremer

    My thoughts exactly!!


  • Navasha Felder Moore
    Navasha Felder Moore


  • Desiree Burggraaf
    Desiree Burggraaf

    Love love


  • Paula Ostermeyer
    Paula Ostermeyer

    oh yes!

this should also say something about those who only "have a few drinks/beers" then drive with their kid/kids in the car.....morons!!!!!!

Real parent!

Real parent.

hahahahaha how fitting.... GET OVER YOURSELF.


  • R

    Oh I wish I could walk around with this!

if she hates fake bitches is it because shes a real bitch - Philosoraptor

If she "hates fake bitches" Is it because she's a real bitch?

You're so fake that after awhile, you finally showed your true colors.

You're so fake it's pretty sad. Lol

give zero..

  • Max Firmin
    Max Firmin

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  • Megan Matticola
    Megan Matticola

    Seriouuuusly! Errrryday

No trust

no trust

wont be tomorrow either

johnrtitus: wont be tomorrow either
  • Vanessa Garza
    Vanessa Garza

    Right on!

true that

No one likes you sorrrrry

  • Jenna Mann
    Jenna Mann

    Hahahaha we need shirts

No one likes you so please go away

It's called hindsight because now I see what an ass you ARE. Dedicated to a certain someone!

You know you're an Ass when you think it's okay to hurt others just because you're not happy with your family or your life.

Did it ever occur to you that people think you're an ass, because you're an ass?

Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut

yep im there

Ha ha

  • Holly Cheek Hawkins
    Holly Cheek Hawkins

    Hahahahaha meeee too

  • Chantal Hiram
    Chantal Hiram

    Too funny