Funny pictures about Halloween snake wreath. Oh, and cool pics about Halloween snake wreath. Also, Halloween snake wreath.


Lady Gaga's Craziest VMA Looks

Funny pictures about Polar Bear Missing Ass Hole !, tagged with ass hole, lady gaga, polar bear posted in Gags


If God had wanted us to wear high heels, don't you think He would have made our feet to look like this? This foot is creepy and haunts me every time I see someone in heels.

.o m g!!!

Monday Morning Randomness

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Pregnant Barbie lol

As part of its Dolls of the World line, Mattel toy company introduced a new Mexico Barbie. The doll with long, dark, wavy hair dons a frilly fiesta dress trimmed with lace and colorful ribbons.


I wonder what compels a person to do this? Elaine Davidson set the world record for most piercings in 2000 when she had just

So disgusting

Nasty long toenails French Pedicure, Just Say Non - I have to ask that you please stop doing a French Pedicure. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top. Let’s discuss.


Scary Beautiful by Leanie van der Vyver

Scary Beautiful shoes by Leanie van der Vyver. Photo by Lyall Coburn (more like scary & super fugly.where the HELL would you wear these alien-looking objects to?