True story

Dirty Minds they celrtainly make life interesting. Can't help but think of my Grandma Betty when I read this! You dirty bird!

Haha these are hilarious!


Eat shit and die=excuse me. Eat shit and die, mother fucker=excuse me, sir. Eat shit and die, bitch=excuse me ma'am.

This is so funny!

My dog loves coffee too! I found out the hard way that even a tiny bit or coffee is bad for a chiweenie though. Now she gets milk, a tiny bit of sugar, and just enough decaf to give it a coffee taste. She drinks her coffee beside me every weekend.

Hahaha @Daniel Lucero See I am a delicate flower

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I am a delicate fucking flower, god dammit, and you will treat me like a fucking lady.

So funny!!

I finally made my own someecard! i said this one day and thought to myself, I should make that an ecard. I mean you know how clever those church signs can be, come on! love it!

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Rottenecards - Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. And then shit happened, the end!

Truth lol

Some people look cute when they dress comfy, I just look like a homeless man. A damn good homeless man ;

I can't stop laughing!

The only good thing about synchronized swimming is the photos. Does the face she is making have anything to do with the placement of that foot?