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Gardens and gardening ideals

Gardens and gardening ideals

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Hummingbird Garden Plants

Beautiful fields of Japan

The Kids Outdoor Clothing Specialist | Wellies And Worms

Neat bath

A need a few of these islands of flowers

a good idea

Old Tree Stumps

Cute idea if you have a tree stump in your yard

Amazing Playhouses & Treehouses - Design Dazzle

I love the area and look

Juli 2010 142[2].jpg (image)
  • Francesco Palmieri
    Francesco Palmieri

    Compliments !

  • Eduardo Quiroz
    Eduardo Quiroz

    i've some pics with could I send it to you for publish?

  • Patty Heintzelman
    Patty Heintzelman

    From the the buildings and landscape, looks like northern Sweden. Beautiful!

  • Jo Lind
    Jo Lind


  • yan yan
    yan yan

    i'd love to have a garden one day!!!

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How to maximize planting in a well fenced garden of raised beds.

I much rather use the raised garden method then all that digging and weeding.

  • Jieranai Maier
    Jieranai Maier

    I hate that too; having neighbor's cats coming into our garden. Definitely unhealthy I was told to sprinkle red chili peppers all over the garden, it is a natural way to keep them out. It seems cruel, I've never done that.

  • Sylvia Tomlinson
    Sylvia Tomlinson

    I have tried putting crushed red pepper in the raised beds & have also bought something that was supose to keep the cats out but neither has worked. Any tips??? Thanks

  • Susanna Artistea
    Susanna Artistea

    My cat's Vet told me orange peels (or any citrus peels will keep them out of indoor potted plants or outdoor gardens. It works! Just sprinkle pieces around. Smells wonderful to us but horrible to them. My cat doesn't go near the plant he used to dig in. It is also cruelty-free.

  • Jieranai Maier
    Jieranai Maier

    I completely forgot about the orange peels. My son and his ex-wife used to have a cat and they said he did not like the orange peels! Thank you!!!

  • Sylvia Tomlinson
    Sylvia Tomlinson

    Thank you both will try.

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Cottage Garden ideals

  • Vicky Munson
    Vicky Munson

    So pleasing to the eye! A little bit of heaven!

Pretty cool and creative, turning a stump into a fairy house.

Capadia Designs: A Little Bit of Whimsy...
  • Betty Boydston
    Betty Boydston

    Great idea and I have a stump in my back yard.

  • Juanita Sims
    Juanita Sims


  • Beverly Degner
    Beverly Degner

    Love this maybe can get someone to help I have a stump too

  • alyce torten
    alyce torten

    Very nice wish i was small enough to live in it

  • Colleen Bauman
    Colleen Bauman

    Great idea, I wouldn't mind having one of these.

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Glow stones

  • alyce torten
    alyce torten

    I like this idea very cool

  • Marlene Molina
    Marlene Molina

    I love blue in the garden

Simply Low-Cost gardening: $ 10 raised garden beds.

  • Melissa Tulberg
    Melissa Tulberg

    I love the idea of being able to continue gardening even when arthritis or other restrictions may keep me from bending all the way to the ground. With this we can use a chair, or even sit on the side of the box to care for my garden!

nicely tucked away,surrounded by flowers.

Home - Linen And Boxwoods | Linen and Boxwoods
  • Tracy McCartney
    Tracy McCartney

    looks like a perfect spot for a glass of wine and a good book

Backyard vegetable garden. Our garden will be done this way for the fall season, didn't have too much luck with the summer.

  • Wendy Fleming
    Wendy Fleming

    Love veg'

  • Donna Reese
    Donna Reese

    Simply Beautiful!!!

Raspberry Bushes. Great trellis!

  • Dewayne McDowell
    Dewayne McDowell

    Looks like the base is made of landscaping timbers. These should NEVER be used around plants meant for food. They are treated to prevent decay and insects...chemicals include arsenic.

Kawachi Fuji Garden - I can't help but post these pics.

Wisteria Tunnel ā€“ Japan
  • Jamie Bee
    Jamie Bee

    Here here- to what Lee said!

  • Mary Charlotte Shannon
    Mary Charlotte Shannon

    Omg! Absolutely beautiful! Trying to do something similar n my back yard.

  • alyce torten
    alyce torten

    Well once you do keep us posted

  • Mary Charlotte Shannon
    Mary Charlotte Shannon

    Will do.

  • Cosette West
    Cosette West

    I love wisteria!

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Kawachi Fuji Garden - Unique & beautiful.

Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan | Spectacular Places
  • Tracy McCartney
    Tracy McCartney this paradise?

  • Silvia Patricia Rocha Aguilar
    Silvia Patricia Rocha Aguilar

    Hermosas las wisterias ...!!

Every garden needs a water wheel.

  • Kimberley Bercaw
    Kimberley Bercaw

    I couldn't agree more. Just beautiful.

  • Tracy McCartney
    Tracy McCartney

    I'm trying, right now, to figure out how I might obtain one of these for my ambient

A beautiful display of colors.

Beautiful sea of colors.

front yard box

Thinking about building my own boat planter. A project that is way in the future.

Welcome to NapaStyle!

English gardens