Challenge students to act out what they were doing yesterday at 8:00 p.m. in a game of charades (40 sentences). "Tu mangeais de la soupe." "Vous jouiez du piano." For a follow-up activity, let them play detective as they try to identify the thieves that robbed a bank. 2nd year French 6th-10th gr. $

Imperfect Tense French Fun

$ Have your students play in French in order to practice the future tense, profession, residence, and transportation vocabulary.

MASH in French (Future Tense Version)


Dice game vocabulary roll French jeu de vocabulaire

Une idée on pourrait transformer ce jeu ( un dé un mot) en un rituel ou un atelier autonome un peu comme le nombre du jour : le mot du jour !!!!

Un mot un dé - Le livre de Sapienta

Make a bag full of vocabulary words, have students draw one, then spin this spinner and do the resulting activity. All kinds of word fun!

E is for Explore!

Vocabulary Cubes Now available as PDF Visit my blog to download it! Follow me while you are there for more great freebies!

4-14-40 Method | Devoted to Vocabulary Development

Get Students Moving and Practicing Foreign (World) Language Vocabulary (French, Spanish)

Get Students Moving and Practicing Foreign Language Vocabulary

FREE! Scoot is a game where students enjoy the challenge of scooting from desk to desk, unscrambling words before the buzzer sounds! Great for building FRENCH vocabulary and for 'word work' challenges appropriate for French language learners.

French Vocabulary Game - SCOOT FREEBIE!

Foreign Language Scavenger Hunt Activities for Vocabulary or Verb Forms.

Foreign Language Vocabulary and Verb Form Scavenger Hunt

jeu-doublede-temps and many others!

Jeux | Bonjour FLE !

Online Education Games--Foreign Languages #onlineeducationgames

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Cherche et trouve les lettres de l' ALPHABET. Coloriage

cherche et trouve

French Revolution Game Storming the Bastille

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Jeu sur le passé composé - Sauvons les minions!

Jeu sur le passé composé - Sauvons les minions!

Printable board games

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Jigsaw pairs - print off & laminate so you can reuse. - subject pronouns/ verbs, questions/ answers, etc

Jigsaw Pairs | Relief Teaching Ideas

PETIT CADEAU// Jeu du Bonhomme de Neige Pendu // FREE


Balloon Ping Pong - Verb conjugations? Pick a verb...backand forth with verb...OR count back and forth to see how high they can go...could count by twos, fives, tens

The Weekend Homemaker

Magnetic number Fishing. They say the number, or letter they catch in the target language. Or, they can catch two numbers, say them in the TL, add, subtract, or multiply them, and then say the answer in the TL as well.

make, do & friend: Learning Numbers - Magnet Fishing

Customizable PowerPoint game templates to review before tests!

PowerPoint Game Templates - Best Teacher Resources Blog Amazing free site for generating word and number puzzles!

Trouvaille #20 : Le site worksheets works

Printable Boggle Boards

School Day Love: Boggle

Great for Word Work!!

Create●Teach●Share: Boggle Board w/ Printable!!!

Talking cards conversational activity---could adapt for french class

Talking Cards | elmundodebirch

Composer des phrases...en jouant!

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