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Elizabeth Ann Duncan hired two men to kill her pregnant daughter-in-law in Nov. 1958, jealous that the young mother-to-be threatened her incestuous relationship with her son Frank, 30. Duncan is one of four women executed in California's gas chamber.


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This is Fritz Haarmann, aka The Vampire of Hannover. Life in post WWI Germany was hell. No jobs, money or food. Fritz survived by killing young men he met at the rail station (by biting their necks). He would then sell their clothes and belongings. Oh, he also sold their flesh in the black market to Hannover's starving population. He was convicted of killing 27 people, but police estimated he may have been responsible for many other disappearances. 600 young men went missing in a single…


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Albert Fish in the electric chair....


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Joseph Michael Swango (born October 21, 1954) is an American serial killer and former licensed physician. It is estimated that Swango has been involved in as many as 60 fatal poisonings of patients and colleagues, though he admitted to only causing four deaths. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and is serving that sentence at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


Michael Swango - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eduard Krebsbach immediately before his execution in Landsberg prison. 28.05.1947. He was a former German physician and SS doctor in Mauthausen concentration camp and was responsible for initiating mass killing by lethal injection to the heart on handicapped and sick prisoners.


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Anatoly Onoprienko- Citizen O. Ukranian serial killer. Confessed to 52 murders over a 6 year period. The killings had a set pattern. He chose an isolated house & gained the attention of the occupants by creating a commotion. He would then kill all occupants starting with the adult male, before killing the spouse & finally the children. He would then usually set the building alight to cover his tracks. He would also kill any witness unlucky enough to cross his path during his murderous…


Anatoly Onoprienko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marie Porter was 37 years old when went to the electric chair in Illinois on January 28, 1938. She had ordered the murder of her brother for $ 3,300 in life insurance. He was killed on his wedding day, hours before his fiancée would have replaced Porter as beneficiary.


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FBI says Alaska serial killer did it for fun

FBI says Alaska serial killer did it for fun 'He talked about getting a rush out of it, the adrenalin,' an FBI investigator told the AP. Israel Keyes confessed to killing 8 people across the U.S., but alluded to more. 8:02AM EST December 8. 2012 - ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Confessed serial killer Israel Keyes admitted he enjoyed killing people, but couldn't or wouldn't give investigators a more meaningful answer when quizzed why he did it.


FBI says Alaska serial killer did it for fun

In 1983 David Alan Gore picked up 17-year-old Lynn Elliott and a friend. He took them to the home of his vacationing parents and repeatedly assaulted them. Gore shot Elliott in the head as she ran down his driveway with her hands tied, trying to escape. A boy riding by on his bicycle witnessed the naked Gore shoot Elliot and drag her back to the house, then called 911. Gore was caught and the other girl was rescued. He was found to have killed 6 women. He was executed April 2012.


David Gore | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers