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Solar system art

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How plants absorb water science experiment! I've done celery, but this is better! Daises are nice too.

Fun Science Experiment! - Learning how plants absorb water! -

Kids would "get" the water cycle SO MUCH more if they did THIS instead of just read about it in a text book!! ...and so simple.

Making It Rain - I Can Teach My Child!

We are huge fans of science! Science activities are perfect for inspiring your child to make predictions and critically think about the world around him or her through wonder, discovery and reflection. I hope these activities spark your child’s interest and lead to many more questions and discoveries! Animals Free Printable Birdwatching Book for Kids Birding with …

Science Activities for Kids - Buggy and Buddy

This is a beautiful 4 1/2 minute video from the "Planet Earth" series showing different seasons and types of weather.

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Balloon science experiment. Bowl of cold water. Water bottle of hot water. Place balloon on the water bottle and watch it get sucked into the water bottle.

Savvy and Sleek: Kid craft- Science experiment

The water cycle: Drip the Water Drop and his adventure through water.

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Glowing Science - Rainbow Eruptions

Glowing Science Kids Activity ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

20+ Christmas Science Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

The Educators' Spin On It: Christmas Science Activities for Kids

Glow in the dark experiments with ice & salt- Science and art come together in this FUN activity for kids!

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Cool science experiment for kids! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

Science Saturday - Eggstreme Science

Science fair experiments.. Because you never know when your kid will need an idea

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Make your own rainbow with this fun Water Density Experiment

Water Density Experiment - We Made That

Science for Kids: Overnight Crystal Garden - Babble Dabble Do

My Pet Cloud - an adorable craft to go with The Cloud Book.

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Top 10 Mad Science chemistry experiments.

Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments

Learning Ideas - Grades K-8: The Science of Light - 7 Fun Activities

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Weather printable for poster or game cards

Weather flashcard

Make your own compass! You can make a functioning and accurate compass using basic materials found in your home. Learn how with this simple tutorial! #geography #handsonscience || Gift of Curiosity

How to make a compass - Gift of Curiosity

Salt Volcano Science Experiment

Science with Kids: Salt Volcano

Make a snow storm in a jar- FUN Winter Science for Kids

Snow Storm in a Jar ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

12 Science Fair Project Ideas | TinkerLab

Science Fair Project Ideas - TinkerLab

AMAZING glow in the dark Science experiments for kids using oil and water. SO COOL!

Glowing Oil & Water Experiment ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

40 Awesome Stem Activities for Kids

40 STEM Activities for Kids - Playdough To Plato

Ultimate Resource for STEM Books for Children from The Educators' Spin On It Top choices for books about Science, Technology, Engineering ad Math for kids.

The Educators' Spin On It: STEM Books for Children