[straight layers - looks good b/c of highlights; don't know if the red/brown sunkissed top layer of my hair is enough of a contrast against the darker under-layers] - hairideazhairideaz

Retro Bangs, Modern Color A very subtle asymmetrical haircut combined with vintage bangs will serve as a winning combo when you’re looking to update your style. Add in a mermaid-inspired color, like turquoise, in an extravagant ombre variation.

Long Layered Haircut - Got this last time with shortest layer at APL. The longest layer was a bit too much longer than the next layer, so it looked a little abrupt. Next time, have longest layer cut about an inch shorter and shortest layer cut halfway bet

As the trend of making different styles and fashion can be seen both in men and women. Most of the fashionable people especially women take lot of interest in making different fashions and styles. One of the most important fashions is the hair fashion....