Omnitrition Phase 2

These are recipes that are Phase 2 compliant for Omnitrition. Still please look at ingredients to verify.

Omnitrition Phase 2

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Crispy Daikon Fries, Low Carb French Fry Alternative - No Bun Please

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For eating your fill of fruit. You know you’re supposed to be eating a few servings of fruit every day… but how much fruit makes one serving? Now you know

24 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier

Another pinner said "Oven-roasted cabbage, genius! This was so good I had to stop myself from eating it all. Definitely my new go-to cabbage recipe!"

Roasted Cabbage Wedges
  • Denise Jones
    Denise Jones

    It has oil in it. Can't eat in Phase 2.

  • Melissa Meyers
    Melissa Meyers

    You could probably use Braggs or just have the seasoning?

How To Make Beef Jerky in the Oven : very cost effective and lets you control the ingredients!

Vietnamese pickled veggies. Great make-ahead side dish for a desperation sandwich night. Can be made into phase 2 or 3 compliant.

vietnamese pickled vegetables recipe | use real butter
  • Tammy-Gidget Siegen
    Tammy-Gidget Siegen

    Sugar should be substituted with Stevia!

  • Stephanie Gouldman
    Stephanie Gouldman

    Yes! You are right!

Cinnamon apple chips...YUM!

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  • Britany Spradlin
    Britany Spradlin

    That's not cinnamon

  • Stephanie Gouldman
    Stephanie Gouldman

    That is funny the page I looked at called them cinnamon apple chips. But you are right looks like brown sugar.

  • Daminika VanderWeerdt
    Daminika VanderWeerdt

    so is it cinnamon or brown sugar?????

Spicy Paprika Lime Chicken

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  • Melissa Meyers
    Melissa Meyers

    No coconut or olive oil for P2

How to Cook Moist Tender Chicken Breasts Every Time leave out oil and butter use wasa or grissini

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  • Sugar Hall
    Sugar Hall

    I'm soo confused on this site??? You sat this recipe says no oil or butter, but in the recipe it says 1tsp butter - and it mentions flour. I thought these were P2 recipes. The last one I looked at called for olive oil & coco flour??? Can u direct us to the ones that ARE actually P2 allowable

  • Sandra Engel
    Sandra Engel

    Please. I too am confused

  • Lori Prescott
    Lori Prescott


  • Mary Mangan
    Mary Mangan

    I thought on Phase 2 no oil and butter?

  • Laurie Lamb
    Laurie Lamb

    I believe you will need to adjust to be P2 compliant. No Oils fats on P2

Cinnamon Chicken HCG #phase2

Cinnamon Chicken
  • Samantha Grace
    Samantha Grace

    What's HCG?

Crock Pot Chicken

Crock Pot Chicken

Two Island Girls Weight-Loss LLC: HCG Approved Recipes: Curry Chicken and Spinach

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cinnamon apple fruit leather | savory simple

Cinnamon Apple Fruit Leather - Savory Simple: A Recipe Blog

Crunchy Sweet Apple Chicken Salad

Crunchy Sweet Apple Chicken Salad
  • Jodi Lee
    Jodi Lee

    Gonna try this!

Meat recipes for HCG Phase 2 of the HCG Diet! My fav is 'Garlic Oregano Beef'!

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Learn how to make baked HCG P2 safe onion rings!

HCG VLCD Recipes: Onion Rings | HCG Diet Store

HCG Diet Phase 2 Spicy Crab and Cucumber Bites

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Crockpot swiss steak for hcg diet

hCG Diet Recipes - Crockpot Swiss Steak Recipe

hCG Diet Recipes - Chicken Paprika

hCG Diet Recipes - Chicken Paprika

Hello Jody: HCG Phase 2 - Grilled Chicken with Apple Noodles and Kale Take out the oil and the sesame seeds to be Omni compliant.

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HCG Phase 2 Teriyaki Beef Salad Check the ingredients.

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My HCG Recipes: Carmelized Garlic & Onion Over Split Chicken Breast

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HCG Diet Phase 2 Chicken Salad with Celery

HCG Chicken Salad with Celery | HCG Diet Recipes
  • Tracey Serrell
    Tracey Serrell

    Surprisingly tasty. My husband added a little stevia to his.

  • EllaGTees

    Yum! Looking forward to trying

hcg recipes Check ingredients

Delicious Hcg Recipes For The Truly Desperate-Phase 1

Chinese Chicken Salad HCG

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HCG Recipe - Basil Chicken Check ingredients

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