little rose out of i-cord or a long thin strip of fabric (knitted or not)

Jersey flower - wouldn't this work with finger knitting too? (yes, knitting, not crochet, I know.

Finish-Free Knitting Techniques

Behind the scenes photos from the video shoot for Finish-Free Knitting Techniques with Kristen TenDyke.

Tejidos Norita

Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer maybe Caley will make this for me. I want to hang it on my bathroom door.

Shrimp Ceviche - Hot Stone Shrimp Ceviche Recipe |

The world of ceviche is filled with surprising flavors. The widespread idea is that ceviche should always be served cold. But ladies and gentlemen, a

Hand Crocheted Washcloths & Scrubbies from CocoaBeans — Etsy Find

Hand Crocheted Washcloths & Scrubbies from CocoaBeans

Our house is paper towel-free, and because of that, I'm always looking for unique towels, washcloths and scrubbers