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I will be glad when smart ass goes away so you can finish. Has he started the s e x conversation yet??? not yet. Other than he asked Kelbrie if she wanted to sleep in her bed tonight!!!

I made these snowmen for Leo's class party, except I did it on red velvet cupcakes! My one suggestion is to NOT use black gel icing for the eyes. We called them the "Alice Cooper" snowmen because by the time the kids got them, they had runny "eyeliner."

I am an-almost 23 year old woman who has tried every non-healthy way of losing weight. I have struggled with my body image since I first became a teenager, & although I walk with confidence, I still...

I feel so bad that we have a cure for cancer, yet we are putting little kids in microwaves and suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. It's sinful, and I'm so ashamed in American politics. I love you little girl, whoever you are. And I'm sorry.

Steve angel??? You don't say! Source: Bible Humor... RIP Steve Jobs!