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I've pinned this site before - so many hints! Entry mat of fake astroturf cut to size and bungeed to foldaway step.


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Simple, cheap tool for getting your fire started

Lightweight, Nutritious Backpacking & Camping Food. How to make and pack 7 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks that fit in a bear barrel.

A Week of Lightweight, Nutritious Backpacking Food

Is this thing on??

Easy Camping hack with Solo cups, ziploc bags and your favorite cereal. Store it, eat it, and re-use the cup for later on your camping trip. Genius.

Easy Breakfast Cereal Camping Hack with Kelloggs #CerealandMilk

vaseline and cotton balls. costs around $4.50 to make about 600 hundred of these. They burn for quite a while and after a few days of sitting in the vaseline mixture they are water proof.

Awesome Firestarter - cotton balls and vaseline - Utah Preppers