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Are you looking for a meaningful way to integrate writing in your social studies classroom? Try historical journals! A great way to integrate narrative writing and history!


Roanoke the Lost Colony - PowerPoint with Assignments

Roanoke the Lost Colony - PowerPoint with Assignments - This is a 32 page/slide resource related to the history and fate of Roanoke the Lost Colony. It contains a 14 slide PowerPoint on the basic history of Roanoke the Lost Colony and 5 different popular theories related to the fate of the colony. As well, the resource contains a link to a website that details a 6th possible theory that the teacher can utilize in the lesson.


History Simulation Games for Kids

Learning history is more interesting with these fun games - kids role-play as historical figures, handle the tough situations under the historical setting, learning the history first-hand while playing games.


Integrating Social Studies into Literacy Routines

Ideas for integrating social studies instruction into your reading block and everyday classroom routines.