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an assembly line with workers working on machinery
Most powerful diesel engine in the world
300 ton crankshaft from the most powerful and largest diesel engine in the world.
four different views of the same person with their hands in the air and holding wires above them
Human pylons carry electricity across Iceland
Electric Poles, Iceland.
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Motivational blogs, ready-made posters, and more. Items to simplify CCSS, to inspire teachers, to motivate students, etc.
many wires are tangled to the side of a building in an urban area with tall buildings behind them
LOOK: Hilarious And Sad Engineering Memes
Engineering Memes Facebook Page Highlights The Humor Of Being An Engineering Major
an aerial view of a bridge spanning the width of a body of water
Zolotoy Bridge ( Goldern Horn Bridge ), Zolotoy Rog bay, Vladivostok, Russia
an artistic rendering of a futuristic city with skyscrapers and other high rise buildings in the foreground
COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wins First Prize for "Shenzhen 4 Tower in 1" Competition
an oil rig spewing out fire into the ocean
Engineering Disasters: Applying Lessons Learned from Failure
Article - Engineering Disasters: Applying Lessons Learned from Failure - Carolina.com
an open box filled with different types of cloths and other things to sew
Student Design Prototyping Case
Upcycling Education by Design Case, a highly flexible entrepreneurial, environmental, engineering, design curriculum, for 21st century learning. | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab
a large tank sitting on top of a cement block next to a pipe and some rocks
Building a Biological DIY Greywater System (With No Reedbeds) - Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + stories
Building a biological DIY grey water system ( with no reed beds) | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab
a silver sports car is parked in a parking lot with its hood up and lights on
Jagged Jet Fighter Cars
sports car exotic environmental 5 | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab
a heart shaped map with the words my heart is zoned exclusively for you on it
Planning Love
V-Day cards for planners, architects, urban designers, landscape architects, transportation engineers, and those who love them. | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab
a person is pouring something into a coffee maker
Espresso Makers and Espresso Machines | Crate & Barrel
This hands-on, environmentally friendly manual espresso maker from Rok features an iconic design in gleaming, engine-grade metal that extracts a true espresso without the need for electricity. You control the pressure using the manual espresso maker's butterfly handles to extract maximum oils from any ground coffee, allowing you a wider range of choices than capsules and pods. | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab
people are walking up and down the stairs in front of a building with glass windows
Federeal Center South, US Army Corp of Engineers | Repinned by @mnorrisgeolab
an artistic wall with black and white graffiti on it's walls next to a stair case
Typeverything.com Yessirnosir by Jan Christensen.