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Color Your Shoe Soles With Nail Polish. This website has all kinds of great tutorials

1 Color Your Shoe Soles Color Your Shoe Soles: Looking to spruce up your old black shoes? Check out my latest DIY project for colored soles. It is quick & easy, and the result is adorable! (via Fashion Lush) 2 Stool out of magazines Stool out of.


I love the placement of the bottom bird on her lower back. maybe an idea for a fourth tattoo LOL


Teen sex pictures presents sexy photo: Pretty inked red haired babe. Here You'll see the most beautiful tattooed teens and inked girls.

tat tat :)

My favorite poem is "I carry your heart with me" by e. cummings, and I would like the line "I carry your heart", I just can't decide where!


"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." Gorgeous font, and I love the placement, though I like the quote too, just not sure if I'd tattoo it on my body.


Bald Face Tattoos - It’s badass to shave your head. It is also badass to get a tattoo. It is extremely badass to tattoo your bald head with an intimidating face.


Tattoo In Tattoos Fatamorgana: Flower Tattoos Designs- i want sacred geometry flowers but this is the right idea.


This ripped skin tattoo design gives a view inside this girl’s body, revealing cogs and wheels beneath her skeleton. This kind of design can also be called biomech, a cross between biological and mechanical elements.

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