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That was always my goal

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Calina Kumula

1980-s-yo-mama-70-s-80-s-childhood-memories I thought this was the best smelling…

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The only cream for sunburn. Smelled good and felt so cool.

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Mom used to give me this when I had a cold. It smelled and tasted like liqour…

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Oh goodness. I so remember this show.

That's Incredible! Pictures at FanPix.Net

Candy Lipstick

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Revlon Flex Extra Body Conditioner - smelled so good! I used to love the smell…

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I loved this shampoo! It did smell terrific!

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HA! Candy Cigarettes! so bad, but you know you had them......I loved getting these off the ice cream truck !

Daddy, You Smell

Candy Cigarettes - clever marketing to get kids thinking about…

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