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I would like this board to be a place for other's to share things with me. Something that you are passionate about or think that I would like.

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“Cuteness" shouldn't be the measure for #conservation. UGLY doesn’t mean UN-important

▶ America the Beautiful - YouTube. This is beautiful.

Her father passed away before the wedding and the men and her life wanted to do something special for her. Watch it, I bawled.

Help us plant more trees! BLINQ will donate a tree for every repin of this pin before April 30th through our partnership with Trees for the Future. #EarthMonth

Scientists Just Discovered How To Determine If Water Contamination Comes From Fracking - The disposal of this often-radioactive water mixture, known as “fracking fluid,” is widely considered to be one of the biggest environmental threats that fracking poses, along with the emissions of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. There have been many claims of water contamination since the technique gained popularity in 2008, but it’s been difficult to determine if fracking was really the cause — mainly because fracking companies are not required to disclose what chemicals they use in the process (the mixture is often considered a trade secret). With the new tool, though, scientists no longer need to know the chemical make-up of the fracking fluid to determine whether it’s getting into the environment, Duke University geochemist Avner Vengosh told ThinkProgress on Monday.

TulsaArea TornadoPets - (Tulsa Animal Welfare) Male chihuahua found 3/26 #A076491

Cricket on a visit to Easter Seals as a Therapy Rabbit. She has on her new puffy jacket and has her Christmas blankie.

North Branford, CT - Domestic Shorthair. Meet Riley, a cat for adoption. Paws Crossed Nation www.pawscrossedna... We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to save dogs and cats of all ages and unite them with their perfect forever families. new rescue pinterest boards at >>

She should be in a puppy calendar.

extreme brotherhood.




Monster Birthday Party

THIS PROTEST IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LAST!! Please show up for these babies! We are the ONLY VOICE THEY HAVE! In Baltimore County: The shelter that would NEVER let us network the dogs! It's about time that we SPOKE FOR THEM NOW! Please come and march with us! If you are anywhere near the Baltimore area, or can take a ride... if you REALLY CARE, you will be THERE!!!!


To help you better understand your elusive feline, we ask behaviorists to decode 10 strange cat behaviors including head-butting and chewing on plastic.

Chinpa has been in looking for a furever home for over 4 years... he has an incredible story. Please read it and share it and maybe someone will FINALLY open their home and heart to this wonderful, sweet baby who has nothing to share except a heartful of love!

"Dad In A Box"....

I have set up a webpage with clickable links to email the House Judiciary Committee, along with a sample email that you can edit and use to urge the Committee Members to conform HB73 to SB247 -- IF YOU ARE IN MD, PLEASE GO THERE NOW AND SEND AN EMAIL TO EACH ONE! If you aren't in MD, please share this with all your friends that are... this vote will either sink this bill or send it on it's way to ending BSL in MD! www.charlietother...

In MD: This bill to overturn a ruling that labeled pit bulls inherently dangerous and put third party liability on landlords. Because of this ruling, many landlords have been forcing their tenants to get rid of their dogs or lose their home. Innocent, well-behaved, friendly family dogs are being surrendered to BARCS and other shelters at an alarming rate because they look like pit bulls.

In PA: Little Lincoln was dumped on the side of the Highway along with his Mom and sibblings. He is looking for a loving furever home. Please help us share her, if Lincoln gets adopted, it makes more room in our rescue and THEN we can help answer FB pleas to save MORE LIVES! Thank you!!

MOMO (black and tan baby) was pulled from a high kill shelter and has NEW PICS posted! Please share so that MoMo can find herself in a loving furever home! AND then we can answer some FB pleas and pull some more urgent babies! Thank you!!

Another pinner, "Guys my friend went missing on January 19 the day it started snowing. If you live anywhere in the Trinity area of North Carolina please please PLEASE help find her! Click on the image for more info. Please repin and post as many times as you can. She's my friend and I love her and I dont wanna loose her :("

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