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Spain and lil Romano

I'm sorry but I find this so sweet. I mean you have poor little child Romano crying while holding onto Spain as he carries him. Not to mention Spain's trying to cheer him up also!

Bad Touch Trio

This pic of the Bad Touch Trio makes me want to catch a cold or something…> "It's him. It's Dr. Sexy" more like it's THEM. All of them are sexy doctors.


Oh ho ho~ the Bad Touch Trio. Prussia, France, and Spain <<< Prussia : Stop staring at me! I feel weird enough as it is

Hetalia - Japan

アオハラ - Hetalia - Japan (Kiku Honda) This is offically my favorite picture of Japan.<<<I like this pic but it's not my favorite


Dark Hetalia - America, China<<< **More like you owe me money Hetalia.

アメリカさん逮捕でーす (お持ち帰り)

Anime boy<<whose name is Alfred F. Jones and is the country of America, from the anime Hetalia. I love it when non hetalians do this for some reason XD

Britian & Hong Kong - Hetalia

England and Hong Kong -Hetalia. I still don't forgive that scone loving freak for how he raised my Hong Kong aru.