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Baby Shower Game Ideas for your baby shower party. We put together this board with all kinds of games that we think your guests will love.
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Couples baby shower games. Really fun baby shower game for a couples baby shower. Baby Olympics where you have the men run through tasks while "pregnant"

Free printable baby shower games!

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Saran Wrap Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Games: When planning a baby shower, the last thing on your mind is probably the games that you are going to play at this event. Here are ten fun and easy games you might want to plan on having at your party.

price is right baby shower game

Purse Raid Printable Baby Shower Game by printshowergames on Etsy

Baby Shower Bingo is a great game to have at any baby shower! This listing is for 40 different printable nautical themed Bingo cards for you to

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Girl Baby Shower Game Printable by LollipopInk, $5.50

Along with every baby shower game are some fun baby shower game prizes. Here are some creative prize ideas that the guests would be happy to win.

New, fun and free Baby Shower Word Scramble Game! This free printable baby shower game is already for you to print, and everyone at the party will enjoy it!

Free diaper raffle printables for you next baby shower (pink or blue). You can tell your guests about the raffle before hand, or you can leave it a surprise for whoever happened to include diapers in their gift.

"Daddy or Mommy?" - fun idea for a baby Shower game, complete with photo props!

Purse Raid Printable Baby Shower Game by printshowergames on Etsy

Baby Shower Bingo - Printable Baby Shower Game by printshowergames on Etsy

Baby Shower Bingo by printshowergames on Etsy

cute baby shower game! if I am ever in charge of someone's shower, I am doing this!

Word Scramble Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Price Is Right Game | Printable Baby Shower Games - Printable Wedding Shower Games

Guess the M&M's baby shower game

Great Baby shower game. Have volunteers blow up balloon and place uner their shirts. They then sit down and tie their shoes to see who can do it the fastest without popping the balloon. Great fun!

This could be hilarious! As long as we're guessing things...blindfold participants and have them guess the baby food!

baby shower games: "Pin-the-Sperm"! Instead of buying the paper version, I drew/painted my own on a sheet of foamcore board, and hung it up with ribbons. Sperms were made using construction paper, pipe-cleaners and googly eyes. We used thumb-tacks to pin them, and closest boy and girl sperms were winners! They each got a hand-crafted bathsalt as a prize to take home. This is a before and after shot, once everyone had a chance to pin their sperm on the egg!!