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The Stoic philosophers of ancient Greece, and later ancient Rome, had a great many spiritual practices that helped them to cultivate emotional calm and mental resilience in the face of tremendous adversity.

Learn about the Stoic practice of occasionally thinking negatively, and always living positively, so you can be prepared for the inevitable crises of life.

Ah, existential questions. Those rising, dreadful things that strike at you in the dark moments of tragedy or introspection and strip away the fleeting illusions of life revealing the truth of absurdity.

The Liberation of Me "I want to dance in her arms with the rain drenching us. I want to hear her song in the wind, feel her power in the natural state we are in"

There are so many ways to look at love but however you see it, it sees you as well. #love

There are so many ways to look at love but however you see it, it sees you as well.

From the dawn of philosophy, the division of the mind and the body has formed one of the classic dualisms. Many philosophers have focused their attention on the importance and superiority of the mind while ignoring the impact the body has on our general being.

The Philosophy of Fitness: A Strong Body for a Strong Mind - Modern Mojo

I hold a largely unpopular belief. I believe every person that exists is, by rights, a philosopher. I also believe that the most interesting and important thing about any person is their unique philosophy.

Many atheists and skeptics are fond of presenting themselves as more rational and better connected to reality than theists. This is not always evident from their behavior.

What I Learned From Watching Someone I Love Die

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4 Philosophical Models of the Good Life #philosophy #goodlife

4 Philosophical Models of the Good Life

6 Ways We Should Look At Love #love

If there's one conversation topic that infiltrates the lives and brunch tables of every twentysomething, thirtysomething, and hell, maybe even sixtysomething out there, it's the endless "Why don't I have love" or "Why don't I want it now that I have …