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Tiny Taste Bud Adventures: Sensorial Activities to Help Your Little Ones Become Good Little Eaters!

Engaging little ones’ 5 senses are key in developing healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. With that in mind, we’ve created lots of fun Tiny Taste Bud Adventures activities to help stimulate your little one’s senses and get them started on their tiny taste bud journey. {Sponsored by Ella's Kitchen USA organic baby food products}

Tiny Taste Bud Adventures: Sensorial Activities to Help Your Little Ones Become Good Little Eaters!

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Baby Water Play - Sensory and Motor Play - Pink Oatmeal

Make fun designs with food to engage your little one's sense of sight as well as smell and taste!

Puzzles are a fantastic way to help develop your little one's problem solving skills while playing! Just make sure to leave the scissor cutting to mom or dad!

What's more fun than exploring exciting transformations?! This #TTBA changes from one thing to another right before your eyes! You will need a bag of our Wakey Wakey Baby Cereal, a bowl, spoon, and cup water! For more #EllasAdventures head here!

Mix n' Match! Colors are fun, bright, + exciting!! Help your little one recognize new colors with this mix n' match #TTBA! #EllasAdventures Step 1: Gather empty, clean #EllasKitchen pouches and caps Step 2: Lay out each pouch and cap, mixing up the different colors Step 3: Show your little one which caps match the pouch, or if old enough, let them do this themselves. Step 4: Once a match is made, let your little one try the flavor!

While baking some of Ella's Kitchen super yummy #chocolate chip #banana bread, set up a mini #cooking station for your little one to smash bananas! This will help your child learn exactly how foods get into those yummy baked goods!

One of the simplest ways to introduce new food to your little one is through different types of food he or she already likes! Does your child like bananas or apples? Why not introduce them to other Ella's yellow and red pouches! They are more likely to accept it because they are the same color. #TinyTasteBudAdventures #TTBA For more #EllasAdventures head here!

This TTBA will help build confidence and greater willingness to experience food in new ways! Step 1: Gather your little ones favorite stuffed animal, an apple, banana, and a pear! Step 2: Have your little one pretend to feed their stuffed animals and then give them the food and associated Ella's First Tastes pouches!

Quick baby activities to keep baby busy while you're in the kitchen

How to keep the baby busy while you're cooking dinner - simple and quick ideas to use!

It’s #EarthMonth!! To celebrate, we’ve partnered with TerraCycle to bring you some extra special, #ecofriendly Tiny Taste Bud Adventures!! Sail away into the wild blue yonder + make mealtime fun with this #TTBA! Learn more about how to #upcycle your pouches with Terracycle here:

34 edible sensory play ideas for our kids that still put everything in their mouth! Grab most of these sensory materials from the pantry!

Baby/Toddler Activities for kids who eat everything (my kids!)

Temperature plays a big role in what your little one likes and doesn't like! Here's a simple #TTBA you can do to help discover which temperature is just right for your little one! Step 1: Gather three spoons and your little one's favorite Ella's pouch! Step 2: Squeeze a spoonful of Ella's into each spoon Step 3: Place one spoon in the fridge, one at room temperature, and warm up the last spoon in the microwave. Step 4: Feed to your little one and see which temperature is just right for them!

What a fun and easy way to introduce babies to new texture. Who couldn't resist fun jello colors. And hiding fruit in the jello is genius!...

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    Ella's Kitchen

    We love this activity, Steph :: Modern Parents Messy Kids!! A great way to introduce new textures and colors to little ones!

An indoor sandbox is an easy setup for kids to play for the day

Edible paint for babies that's made with real fruit

A very simple and quick to make, edible indoor sandbox for the kids to play with

Today's Tiny Tastebud Adventure! Sweet Sounds! Step 1: Make the hole in the center of a nibbly fingers or yum yummy box bigger Step 2: Tape on 3 pieces of string. Step 3: Moms! Play this instrument on the high chair for little ones or show them how to play it on their lap! #EllasAdventures #TTBA #Organic #baby #toddler

Edible sensory play with frozen veggies for babies and toddlers with baby food too.

A quick homemade paint recipe to make -- EDIBLE PAINT for babies!

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    Kids Kids

    unusual idea:)

Playtime: Setting Up a Food Exploration Station for Baby - such a great way to get kids used to trying new foods!

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